Pre-order terms and questions

This is my first pre-order! Is there anything I should know before placing an order?

What is a pre-order?

Pre-order items are items that are not in stock, but that can be purchased in advance, allowing you to reserve a style and size that is not yet available online for purchase. Once we have the items in stock, your pre-order items will be shipped.

Why should I place a pre-order?

Great question!

Your pieces are reserved just for you — that’s the benefit of placing a pre-order!

Once your pre-order is placed, that’s it! There’s no need to stress or continually follow-up on your order status; just sit back, relax, and await the arrival of your carefully crafted goods without the “hassle of the hunt.”


After your purchase, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your order along with an anticipated ship date. PLEASE NOTE: Anticipated ship dates are estimates only; there is no promise or guarantee, and estimates are always subject to change.

Product Delivery Updates / When Will My Order Ship?

Once we have (finally) received your product(s), we will be focusing our time and effort on fulfilling your order(s).

You will receive a shipment notification with tracking details as soon as your package is on the way.

I’m not comfortable with placing an order and then waiting for it; do I absolutely HAVE to pre-order?

Not a fan of pre-orders? No worries, there’s no pressure at all! It’s completely optional and up to you if you choose to participate. Please note that an item that is not pre-ordered can sell out and may not be able to be ordered again.

Simply put, we offer pre-ordering as a guarantee/benefit that your items will be held for you.